Time flies, the clock ticks away The seconds that were never meant to stay Cuddling my pillow, I close my eyes Pretending to be a dormant seed frozen in ice, Waiting for the springs's Sun to shine So that I could sprout and bloom with the flowing time.. ══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ═══════ There are memories I …

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‘The Peepal’ Birthday Post – Thank You!!! 😊

Yay!!! Today, Nov 5th, marks the first anniversary of 'The Peepal' and my first birthday as 'underthepeepal'. Looking back at the first time I pressed the 'publish' button (that was for my first post Welcome to peepal, people!), I realize how much this blog was able to grow due to the unconditional love and support I …

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Quatrain #2

  A NEW BEGINNING It's been a long time...How are you all? I'm terribly sorry for being inconsistent in my posting. 😞I hope I'm not forgotten yet...😅 That aside, please check out my Scrapbook page for a new photo update!! Happy Blogging! Love, Surya😊  

3 Romantic MVs you would want to watch

Romantic love is a tender human emotion that all of us cherish deep within our soul, whether we've actually been in love or not. It never comes alone, but is always accompanied by happiness, jealousy, angst or despair...Perhaps that's why romantic melodies have a special place in our hearts. Here, I recommend 3 romantic MVs …

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