Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

Have you ever experienced those cursed moments when you let yourself have second thoughts about a guesswork in a test, and ended up being wrong? And have you experienced those blessed moments when your second thoughts about a vital decision of your life saved you from a possible hell? Well, I have, which is exactly why the very term ‘Second thoughts’ prompted me to write this.

It is pretty difficult to say whether second thoughts are angels or devils. Sometimes, over thinking about something can cloud one’s inner vision, silence that serene voice of own conscience, and lead one to a wrong path. But very often, as a person who trusts the so-called ‘intuition’ more than anything else in this world, I’ve felt that it is the same inner voice that often sends those messages called ‘second thoughts’ (N.B: Just like any scientific or non-scientific theory, this too has an exception. Common observations suggest that this theory miserably fails during examinations, when our brains are too frantic to actually heed the voice message sent by our intuition).

Recently, I’ve been in a dilemma as to whether I should give an exit option to come out of my present institute with a graduation certificate and pursue my higher studies elsewhere, or to continue in the same institute for my  post graduation. I was so wrapped up with my notions of success and ambition, and taking everything up as a challenge, I hurried my decision and submitted the signed slip seeking exit. But, I wasn’t happy. I knew something was off, that there was something that didn’t feel right about my decision. It was my inner voice sending those curious signals to ponder my choice again. After giving a second thought to it, with my parents’ advice ( my parents had given me only half-hearted consent to withdraw, and my brother never approved it) , I withdrew that slip. I’m now much happier, as I realize that I very much belong to this institute, which has now become my second home. Had I refused to have any second thoughts, I would have probably ended up in a situation that made me emotionally down.

You must have experienced such simple situations in your life as well. Perhaps, you have a better incident to narrate. Now, to answer the question: Are second thoughts angels or devils? I dare say that they are angels in devil’s disguise, messengers sent by our inner self. They put us through those nerve-racking moments of indecisiveness and despair, only to forcefully direct our focus towards what has to be seen and understood. Yes..let’s do ourselves a favor and allow oneself to be haunted by second thoughts for a while..That is, of course, if we are not attending a test!

Second Thoughts

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