via Daily Prompt: Or


My alarm sings to wake me up

From the deep, long slumber spent in my cozy bed

And the first thing I do on coming to senses

Is fighting my urge to go back instead

To the dreamland, forcing my alarm to shut up

And sitting still for a while, warring

Should I return to this mundane world?


Should I go back to my sleep, curled

Up in my soft nest, without concern

Like a fetus, blissfully withdrawn

From the noise and violence without.

But, then I have to, I have to get up!

And resume my duties for the day

Immersing myself in reality again

Going through the cycle of  pleasure and pain.

This is the first choice I make

In a day filled with temptations that shake

My resolve to live a worthy life,

Conquering my inner strife.

Life is a result of the options we take,

Choosing among alternatives along the way.

It is ‘this OR that’, but no retake

Till we say goodbye to another day.

-Surya Ramachandran

Image from Public Domain :

Chiqui sleeping by Lottie