via Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

Man, you are just a mortal!

Blessed with a brain to think,

And a mind to imagine the unseen,

But with a body, slowly rotting,

Soon to succumb to the grips of Death

Who awaits at your doorstep.

Man, you are just a mortal!

Who conquers lands and the celestial globes,

And builds and drops the atom bombs,

But consumed by the devilish greed,

You’re deaf to what the legends preach,

Your conscience muffled to an ominous silence.

Man, you are just a mortal!

Evolved to contemplate and attain

The highest truth to ever remain.

But, alas, slave you are to your senses!

You’ve cloaked your true self with pretenses,

Trapped in the monstrous maze of vices.

Man, you are just a mortal!

Born with a heart to love anew,

In a desperate world to reach out to.

So, stop this ostentatious display!

And submerge in generosity each day.

May simplicity be your favored way!

Surya Ramachandran


Image from Public Domain :

Venetian Carnival Mask by gnuckx