Daily Prompt: Anticipation is..

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‘Anticipation’…the one factor that drives this machine consisting of mind,body and soul, through the wild jungle called life. Allow me to share with you some seemingly random thoughts on anticipation:

Anticipation is….

  1. The first cry you let out after coming out from your mommy’s tummy, desperate for air,  with fists clenched, ready to take on the world before you.
  2. The subsequent cry to blissfully suckle your mother’s breast, to fill your innocent heart and tiny stomach with the nectar of life.
  3. You prancing up and down excitedly to receive your gift on your 2nd Birthday.
  4. The first day in nursery.
  5. The first friend you make on your own.
  6. The first test you take in class.
  7. The first competition you take part in, and the results being announced.
  8. The first Birthday you celebrate with your new friends.
  9. The moments before you go for your first shopping or sleepover with your friends.
  10. The countdown to your summer holidays.
  11. The heart racing moments when you watch your favourite team about to win a match.
  12. The day before your cousin’s wedding, when you are still debating on your hairstyle or attire.
  13. The days before you enter a new phase of life as a high school student.
  14. Your first date…
  15. Or if you are like me, keeping out of the popular dating culture : Those moments you spend visualizing that fated encounter with your one and only one Mr. Right, aka ‘soulmate’.
  16. Your first day in college..new friends, old connections.
  17. The first meal from your hostel mess (the plight of a hosteler!). Whether what comes after the long wait is a pleasant experience or not, depends on the quality and experience of your taste buds.
  18. Those anxious seconds before you attend your first interview (campus placements!)
  19. The moments before you receive your graduation certificate.
  20. The first day in your workplace..or the first day in your new University.
  21. If you are a girl in India…that much-talked about day of officially registering in a Matrimonial site.
  22. That fated encounter with your ‘The One’.
  23. The night before your wedding, when you are already visualizing your honeymoon under the moonlight.
  24. The big breakthrough in your career.
  25. The nine months of expectation for your new hope in life to be born into this world.
  26. Watching your child grow
  27. Those moments when you wait eagerly for the news of your grandchild’s birth.
  28. The days leading to your retirement..the farewell party.
  29. The time you spend watching the rain, with nostalgia in the air.
  30. The last moments of your life, when you prepare to depart from the pleasures, pains and pangs of life, fists open with the grand realization that no luggage  is allowed in the journey back ‘home’.

Special mention : Anticipation is me checking the Daily Prompt daily, visiting my favourite blogs, and coming back to my own humble haven to find out what my dear readers have to say.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings again!  Let me know your random thoughts on ‘anticipation’.

” A Life Without Anticipation is a Journey Without Destination.”

-Surya Ramachandran

Image from Public Domain :

DSC_4323ps by MVolkmann

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