A (Personal) Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

I know what I’m about to say here may not resonate with all my readers. Some of you might feel I’m naive. Some of you might think I’m too idealistic. And some (or most) of you might even be offended.

But, I don’t care. I don’t care if you think I’m making a ruckus out of nothing. I don’t care if you think I’m fussing about something irrelevant. And I don’t care that my protest is against a visible majority that is almost blind,deaf and dumb (by choice). I know I’m swimming against the current, and I dare to do so.

So, here it goes..my (personal) protest against one of the most meaningless, cowardly and immature actions that can be committed by a human: copying.

The stupidest cowards I’ve known are the copycats..The ones who mimic others…The ones who resort to the contemptuous act of plagiarism..The ones who shamelessly take part in the mass copying business that happens right under the Professor’s nose..They ain’t got the courage to face the reality. They ain’t got the guts to gracefully  receive a big ‘zero’ for what they don’t know. They ain’t got the self-respect to stand firm on principles. They ain’t got the confidence to rely on their own abilities. They ain’t got the nerve to gain through pain.And they ain’t got the inner strength to retain their individuality with a head held high.

All the copycats out there…What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to fool? The world doesn’t need mass produced, identical results. The world needs only creative, original ideas. I know that you are blessed enough to be a fair, strong player. So, come on! Show me what ‘you’ are actually capable of! Fight this game fair and square. Stand on your own feet, not on another’s. And arise from your delusion and show the guts to get that big ‘zero’ in the next math test..for that ‘zero’ has the value of a ‘hundred’ for your honesty and integrity.


I know that there are certain things wrong with the system, like how our examinations sometimes over emphasize rot learning and memorizing formulas.  While I’m still passionately angry at how unfair the playground is, I mostly feel pity on these people who succumb to the scenario. Circumstances can be blamed. But the ones who conquer these circumstances and stand firm by the ‘right’, are the ones who truly deserve to be respected. They are the ones who reach their full potential.

I hope my message reaches the heart of at least a few out there.


Image from Public Domain :

Day 107 by Pascal


5 thoughts on “A (Personal) Protest

  1. russel surya

    you’re are good but the world ain’t so. Ideals and vices are personal pursuits and its not something to be shared.What they do is to survive in something that they are not designed for, for everyone is unique and so can be their methods . you see nothing is true, nothing is real everything is possible and allowed.
    I’m not writing this as an offensive and none taken, but I simply wanted to share my view.


    1. I respect your view..and I agree that ideals and vices are personal pursuits. But, all I wish to tell the world is to develop good sportsmanship in one’s life. This has been a message passed down through ages via wise men for us to follow. Also, I believe it’s not impossible to conquer great heights through strong ideals..we all remember Abraham Lincoln for his words, “Honesty is the best policy”.
      These people are remembered for surviving and conquering the circumstances that were not designed to be easy for them, by adhering strongly to their virtues.

      Nevertheless, I respect your opinion. Thank you for your response. 😄


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