The Sun doesn’t shine for just a few…It shines

for everyone, without any

discrimination.Yet, even as it lights and

warms the worlds in this solar system,it

remains pure, it’s deepest realms unreachable

to all..Though we all take the Sun for

granted,it still loves unconditionally, ever

loyal to its duties.

Over the few years of my life, I’ve realized that I should be like the Sun too.. Instead of confining the insights I’m occasionally blessed with to a few chosen ones, I must share it with all…I must shine not for a few, but for all. And like the Sun, I shall keep the depths of my heart locked and unreached, for afraid I’m of attachments to this mortal world, and afraid I’m of hurting those who come near my inner chaotic, fiery core. Nevertheless, I wish to love all, indiscriminately, unconditionally..Although the world might take me for granted.


Image from Public Domain :

Aci Castello Sicily Italy – Creative Commons by gnuckx