The ‘Lady’ Who ‘Bugged’ Me

I was going through some of my old photos in my phone while I came across this one. This shot was taken by yours truly during the last semester exam leave, almost half a year ago. I remember it being the study break before my thermodynamics exam, when I found this curious little visitor on the rough sheets I had been doing my calculations on. I took the opportunity to photograph it then. I must tell you that it didn’t bother to budge from its place, which is why I thought of introducing it as the ‘lady that bugged’ me 😁. But to confess the truth, it was a warm sight to my eyes that were aching with exam stress. It’s amazing how even the smallest things in nature can bring joy and relief to our anxious minds, provided we keep our hearts and eyes open.

My dear lady, you didn’t really bug me..what you did was to force the built up tension in me to bug off, atleast for a few moments of my life.

Thank you…


One thought on “The ‘Lady’ Who ‘Bugged’ Me

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