Hello folks! 😀 For all those crazy people out there who are scratching their heads, desperate to find a new subject of study to experience that intellectual ecstasy, I present my grand list of twelve strange and curious ‘ologies’ :


Bell tower

Bell Tower by Bernard Spragg. NZ (Public Domain)

Nothing to do with ‘camps’ or ‘campaigns’. Campanology is the study of bells, and the art of ringing them. The word comes from Late Latin ‘campana’, meaning bell.  It deals with the technology,history and traditions of bell-ringing.



Psalter-Hours, Initial "D" with an enthroned David pointing to his eye before God; dogs attack unicorn in margins, Walters Manuscript W.82, fol. 31r

Psalter-Hours, Initial “D” with an enthroned David pointing to his eye before God; dogs attack unicorn in margins, Walters Manuscript W.82, fol. 31r by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts (Public Domain)

It is technically a pseudoscience that attempts at identifying and describing ‘mythical’ creatures. Remember the ‘Big Foot’ and the ‘Lake Ness Monster’ ? If you love digging deep into such stuff, this field is for you.



Almost a Zoo.

Almost a Zoo by Bernard Spragg. NZ (Public Domain)

If you have that inexplicable fascination for puzzles, whatever kind they may be, then discover enigmatology – the study of puzzles.



Library of Birmingham

Library of Birmingham by Alex Liivet (Public Domain)

Derived from the Greek ‘epistēmē‘ meaning knowledge, epistemology is the philosophical study of nature of knowledge, rationality of belief, justification, and skepticism.  Perfect for those who wish to ‘know’ about ‘knowing’. One of my favourites.



Chains and life

Chains and life by Henrique Pinto (Public Domain)

Yep! You guessed it right.. This is the study of how to escape from restraints and traps, like handcuffs, cages, coffins and fish tanks.  It is often studied and employed by magicians.



Public Domain Dedication CC0 t5003

Public Domain Dedication CC0 t5003 by gnuckx

This is another of my personal favourites. Eschatology is the study of ‘the ultimate end’ of humankind. It is about the human destiny, and is a part of theology and mysticism.



Volcán Xinantecatl, Estado de México

Volcán Xinantecatl, Estado de México by Metamorpha Studio

Just as the name suggests, futurology deals with postulating possible, probable and preferable future. Whether this is science or arts is a much debated issue. Also one of my favourites.




20141005_04 by jj (Public Domain)

Who knew that there is something like study of trash? Well, garbology is all about garbage- it is the study of modern refuse and trash. This was pioneered at the University of Arizona. The field of garbology often overlap with archaeology, as fossilized waste can be a valuable source of information about ancient societies.


Public Domain Dedication CC0 t5004

Public Domain Dedication CC0 t5004 by gnuckx

A pseudoscience that deals with the analysis of  physical characteristics of handwriting to identify the writer. It also aims at figuring out the psychology of the writer at the time of writing. A very controversial subject.



Anatomy of a murder

Anatomy of a murder by AntoinePound (Public Domain)

Another obvious one. Killology is the study of psychological and physiological effects of killing humans.

11. Ontology

Road of Destiny

Road of Destiny by Miwok (Public Domain)

Ontology is the study of ‘existence’. It attempts to answer the ‘why’, of ‘being’ and ‘becoming’. A branch of metaphysics, this one is my most favourite in the list.


skull with rose and crown

skull with rose and crown by Lisa Ann Yount (Public Domain)

What’s better than to end the list with the study of end itself?  Thanatology is the branch of science that deals with the study of death and its effects on body.

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Featured Image from Public Domain :

Puzzle Carpet by freestocks.org