Poetry on a Rainy Day

Do you know that rainy days are among the best to compose songs and poems? Rainy days have an inexplicable ability to trigger a variety of emotions in us. For some of us, rain brings melancholy. For some, it might be nostalgia. Yet, for others, it might be tranquility.

Whatever be the kind of emotions that rain stimulates in us, one thing is almost certain..for all the romantics, for all the poets, and for all those who harbor conflicting feelings deep within, rainy days are the best days to grab a cup of coffee (or tea, in my case), cuddle in a sofa beside the window with a notepad, and scribble a few lines while devouring the nature with its earthy aroma and serene breeze..

So here it goes…a poetry on a rainy day by this hardcore romantic..This one took its birth in the depths of my heart while I was attempting to study for my semester exams. As usual, watching the rain set a complicated train of emotions in motion. Most of the time, my feelings have a tint of melancholy and loneliness, often seeking solace in the love of the Almighty to fill the void in my existence.

From the heavens, thou send thy tears

That caress my soul that seeks

Washing away my deepest fears,

Planting soft kisses on my cheeks..

From the heavens, thou send thy care

To enrich my counted days

Touching my dark spirit bare, 

Lighting my lonely ways.


Image from Public Domain :

After the rain by Bernard Spragg.NZ


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