My Interior World

via Daily Prompt: Interior

the Clasp tightly dream before waking

Handheld closely dream before waking by RANT 73 (Public Domain)


My Interior World is too big,

Weirdly layered and deep.

But, hey! You cannot dig

Or take a quick peep!


My Inner World is too bright,

Sparkling with luminous stars;

But deep down there right,

You will find me in lonely wars..


My Inner World is shockingly crowded

With facts and fictions of yonder.

While here and there shrouded

Are complex philosophies to ponder.

My Interior World is my very own

Beautiful, cozy private resort.

Rarely opened, hardly shown

To those who purport.


-©Surya Ramachandran

Featured image from Public Domain :

Japan – Inuyama by franck injapan


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