Crossing the Horizon – A Tryst at Dawn

Behold the early dawn , how lovely !

The air filled with sweet melancholy

Spreading his tender rays, the Sun

Rises ablaze , crossing the horizon

In time for his daily rendezvous

Founded on an unspoken vow

With the gentle and serene Moon,

Who’ll  depart from the heaven soon.

A tryst, awaited overnight!

Blinding the stars in the morning light,

Consummating with each other’s sight

The Sun and the Moon share the sky

Before they bid a tearful goodbye,

Vowing to meet when dusk arrives.

-Surya Ramachandran 


Image from Public Domain :

Acitrezza Faraglioni Moon Rise Sicilia Italy Italia – Creative Commons by gnuckx



Inspiration:  I have always harboured a special affection towards the Sun and the Moon..even when the scientific me yells at the back of my head that they aren’t anything special, astronomically. One reason for this is my name – my given name ‘Surya’  means Sun and ‘Chandra’ in my father’s name Ramachandran (which is my surname ) means Moon in Sanskrit. That being said, I (‘Surya’) have a special connection with the moon as per vedic astrology ;). Hence my love for those two.


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