Ignite In The Darkest Night

via Daily Prompt: Shine

Imagine yourself to have woken up alone in a dark cave.. You can feel the cold, rocky walls of the cave, and a sudden turmoil of emotions starts attacking your heart..Panic slowly seeps into your mind..The deafening silence echoes your racing heartbeats..The haunting solitude makes you feel hopeless, having been abandoned even by your shadow..

It is then, when you try to move around, that you feel a sudden sting, a pain in the soles of your feet. As you try to feel the surface beneath, you realize something – that you are walking on a rather rough surface  adorned with pebbles and dry leaves here and there.

What would you do ?

Or rather, what should you do?

Remember…The greatest gift a man can have is the ability to find a ray of hope and happiness in sadness, silence and solitude.

We can always find some light even in the darkest place. OK..let me correct myself. We need not always find some light in the darkest place.. But, we can surely light one. The first step  to take will be to ignite our inner flame of hope.

And then ?

Then, you must find the pebbles, and sweeping the cave floor with your feet, accumulate some dry leaves. The same pebbles that stings your feet could ignite a fire.  What we must learn is to persevere till we make it..till we finally manage to create that spark.

Now, some of you may ask..what if we don’t find any pebbles or leaves ?

My dear, as long as you have the power of will and the inner flame of hope , you could feel your way out.. troublesome it may be, but you shall definitely find your way out.

That is the magic of optimism and faith.

Besides, wouldn’t it be great to see anything and everything in a positive light?

For instance, if you consider yourself to be a hardcore, incurable pessimist, I should tell you that you aren’t.  Because, while most people are pessimistic about several things, you are pessimistic only about one thing..even though that one thing is called life. Isn’t that wonderful?

Yes..the darkest moments are often dark due to our loss of inner vision.

May our heart, mind and intellect shine with wisdom!




Image from Public Domain :

Light My Fire by Alan Levine


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