Given Uneven

I gave you a mountain

You returned a valley

I’m tired of this one sided intimacy

Laugh it away, I may

But, my soul terribly lay

Like a plant untended

In a desert, hardly attended

By the rain of sincere affection,

Forcing me to abjection.

But, nay, I refuse to be the unwanted  weed

In your garden, among ‘roses’, and bleed!

For my love and care would find due value

In a friend who would, with gratitude, pursue

My insights, delights and my inner core,

Wanting to know and cherish me more.

I refuse to play this game uneven

I have no intention to make you a heaven

While my soul lay, without love, unwell

In a lonely,melancholic, miserable hell.

– ©Surya Ramachandran



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