Behold the heavenly beauty!

The White Rose of tranquility

Amidst the green bushes it rises,

Its serene charm deeply entices

The spellbound heart of its beholder

To dance to the slow, mellow waltz, with ease

Composed by the tender morning breeze.

An aesthetic sight, giving  utmost joy

Innocent and charming, filling the void

Of one’s existence; To spiritual realms

It hails its beholder to elevate.

But remember, with caution, we may

About the sharp thorns along the way

From the bottom of its stem, as we move

Up to the soft, white petals’ meadow

That to live is to overcome the struggles and pain

Before we sleep, undisturbed, in the heavenly clouds again.


-Surya Ramachandran


Image from public domain:

White Rose by Joe deSousa