The Exposed Scars

The dawn breaks with the tender rays of the Sun

Lighting up her once beautiful face, rivaled by none

Now tainted by deep, painful scars

Gifted by her beloved, trusted ‘pals’.

Like Caesar, she was stabbed, dishonored

By  Brutus and his comrades, who cornered

Her; Why, only the kind Lord knows!

‘Cause she never gave them sorrows.

Yet, here she is, thoroughly betrayed

By the very people for whom she prayed!

The wounds they left with their daggers

Are mere, salty shallow waters 

Compared to the scars that her heart bore,

They were as deep as the deepest ocean, even more!

Yet, none of the brutes ever thought or knew

That each stab she received forced her to renew

Like the phoenix, burning with a blazing flame

That refuse to die out even in the stormy rain..

She now wears her scars with utmost pride

For they tell her how she survived the bumpy ride

She now wears a sly, determined smile

For it is now her most powerful wile

To win her a deserving, unique place

In this mad, lost human race

So out she comes, with the exposed scars

That twinkle like the brightest stars,

With the breeze caressing them tenderly,

Whispering encouragement with love, dearly.

-©Surya Ramachandran



6 thoughts on “The Exposed Scars

    1. Hello Miriam! I’m really happy to know that your scars have made you stronger..I do not have physical scars, but I do have a few ones in my heart..And though they were painful back then when they were received, now they have actually made my heart stronger. 😊
      Your name is Miriam, right?

      Liked by 1 person

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