Do you remember, a year ago

You gave me a bright yellow rose?

It was adorned with morning dew

From your garden,fresh and new

On the day of the first anniversary

Of our friendship that looked so merry;

That yellow rose, I received with pure joy

Excited like a child with a shiny toy,

In a vase that was royal and exquisite,

I kept your rose, and devoured its sight.

Everyday, I used to sit by its side

Watching it with a secret pride

‘Cause I had the best Best friend

God could ever possibly lend.

But only ‘lend’ it was, what the Lord did

For by the tenth day the rose withered, and bid

Me  a silent, woeful goodbye forever!

And to grieve my aching heart further

The Lord took back the prize he had lent me,

The very Lord who we hail for his mercy!

So, do you now remember that yellow rose,

That I held to my dear heart, very close?

You probably do, and I can see you smile

Up from the Lord’s heavenly isle,

As I finally come here to your last home

To gift you my rose of yellow chrome…

Surya Ramachandran

Different roses have different meaning. While red rose stands for romantic love and passion, Yellow rose symbolizes friendship. White roses signifies tranquility, peace and spirituality. You might like my poem The White Rose , which is loosely based on the spiritual significance of white roses.

With love,

Surya 😊

Featured Image from :

2014/365/82 The Yellow Rose of Vermont by Alan Levine