They are the three most ruthless critics I’ve known. They can be blind to the faults of others. But when it comes to me, they have the keenest eye for even the slightest imperfections. They can speak in the sweetest tone possible when it comes to others. But they have the sharpest tongues when pointing out to my mistakes. They have a separate, advanced mechanism to analyse and evaluate my every move, my every word, and my every thought. They are my chief censors, my constant provokers, and my personal judges.

Yet, they are my strength who never fail to remind me of my weaknesses and encourage me to conquer them. They are my cherished counselors who are always there to lead me through the right path.Β 

Above all, they are the ones who wholeheartedly want me to realize my highest potentials.

Therefore, I dedicate this post to them. My most ruthless critics :

My mother.

My father.

And my conscience.