I’m Warning you!

I’m warning you! Beware of them

They who appear in your life as a rare phenomenon

With your loving heart playing victim to their manipulation

They come for a skilled, sly extraction

Of any personal and possible juicy information,

Never actually caring about you, the kind person!.

So lock your heart and your mind

Deny access, keep them blind!

Tame your tongue, and be momentarily dumb

Around those frauds who pretend to be your ‘chum’.

– Surya Ramachandran

In response to today’s daily prompt : Juicy

When I saw today’s daily prompt, the first thing I remembered was those so-called ‘friends’ (very likely to be the ‘gossip girls’) who show up at some random times to squeeze out some information from us. If you happen to be generous and naive (like me), with an incurable tendency to please people (my chronic illness😣), you are likely to fall victim to such people. You let them in, thinking innocently that they actually care about you and wish to become real friends with you, and you naturally start being comfortable with them. If you are an introvert like me, this is a big deal..being so comfortable and willing to share your thoughts with someone.  And that is exactly the trap that you might fall into. I’m not telling that all are like that. No..there are people who might genuinely want to be friends with you. But then again, there are also people who are ready to exploit your kindness to efficiently cater their curious minds through excellent extraction of information from you. You might actually recognize their real motivation, yet you might be so caught up with the idea of being ‘good friends’ with them that you allow yourself to be an open book…

Sure..being too private is not good for forging a lasting relationship with someone (whatever be the nature of that relation). But we must be cautious not to open ourselves to the wrong ones.  They don’t deserve our precious time. And they don’t deserve our considerate attention either. Hence, it’s always better to study and screen people before you let them into your personal life.

By the way, the featured image designed by me, perfectly illustrates my policy on this matter. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but as part of my own defense mechanism, I make sure that people have to go through several  ‘security check posts’, before they gain access to my innermost feelings and thoughts.

Also, if some of my good friends are reading this, I want you all to know that you mean a lot to me, even if I don’t express it. I have learnt my lessons over the past few years, and if I have decided to share my thoughts with you, know that I consider you to be trustworthy.






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