One day, surely, she’ll experience

Hopeful twinkle in her eyes

Crimson blush in her cheeks

And crazy, racing heartbeats

The goosebumps and the confusion

The inexplicable fascination..

She shall experience them all

When destiny answers her call,

A love that elevates her soul

Making her a perfect whole;

Like a blessed and rare snowflake

That love would help her break

Her cocoon, and metamorphose

To a glittering butterfly that glows.

– Surya Ramachandran

True Love is that which makes a girl a beautiful, confident woman

– Surya Ramachandran

Dedicated to all single women who are yet to experience true love.

With Love,

A proudly single girl who believes in the power of true love.😊

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Featured Image from Public Domain, by robert padovani