The Stray Feline

Our residential area has a lot of stray cats. Though ‘stray’, they live as luxuriously as their domesticated counterparts. All houses in the neighbourhood are their homes, and the courtyards and backyards are their playgrounds. Occasionally, they come inside our homes, and walk around curiously sniffing for the presence of any mouse.No one would mind disturbing them in their venture, except the main lady of the household, who would frantically scare them away from stepping into the sacred kitchen.
Not so surprisingly, the days when we have fish for lunch see a tremendous increase in the number of our feline visitors. As soon as the news travel among them that so-and-so household  is having such-and-such fish, or meat, they show up at the backyard a few hours before noon, right on time to feed on the fish remains and leftovers that the main lady graciously throws at them.

Having fed well, they then decide to take a long peaceful afternoon nap somewhere in the backyard, or on the brick fence. On one such occasion, I attempted to photograph a sleepy cat, who was obviously annoyed with my stalking.

The feline notices its stalker for the first time, and threatens with a ‘Don’t you dare come near me’ look .


Preparing for a sound nap, oblivious about its stalker now at a cautious distance.
Notices its rather persistent stalker again..doesn’t hesitate to show its annoyance
Finally! The feline after its delicious ‘fishy’ feast, is sound asleep..And its ever so persistent, annoying stalker manages to capture a close up view!😍😊

Is it just me, or does it seem that  the soundly sleeping cutie is smiling (probably due to a satisfied stomach)?


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