An Arid Future

A century from now

We’ll reap what we sow;

An earth that is arid and dry

Letting out a silent cry,

Ignored by blissful showers,

Residue of the short sight of ours..

The product of human intervention

Will be a fate devoid of circumvention

Unless we decide to look down

And plant saplings all around,

Unless we decide to embrace

Not just the human race,

Unless we decide to let go

Of our disastrous, pointless ego…

Never, ever should human progress

Happen with ecological regress!

Should a brown planet be the legacy

We leave behind, without mercy?

Nay! The Earth is not our martyr

She is our precious divine mother!

-©Surya Ramachandran

Featured image from public domain :

Dried Brush by James



10 thoughts on “An Arid Future

  1. lovely..

    seriously if every man takes a look around and plant a sapling the world can become green.. and so does the heart, if every man tries to remove the anger from within and grow more love and respect towards another human this universe could be a beautiful heaven..

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