I cry because I care,

I tear up because I fear,

I worry because I feel sorry,

Not just for me, but for those around and beyond

Every emotion gets magnified

Exceedingly difficult and hard to hide

Small things become big and wide

And those around continue to advise

“Toughen up, girl! and be wise!

The real world out there is harsh

You don’t want to be treated a trash!”

I keep hearing such comments

From family, mentors and friends.

Is feeling intensely a crime?

I’m not here to ridiculously mime

This world that has become robotic over time.



Many often mistake (with no second thought)

My tears for my fears

My empathy for emotional dependency

My  kindness for my weakness

My silence for my dumbness..

Nay! I am not a damsel in distress

I’m a damsel who helps the distressed!

         The vividness of my sentiments

Maybe a curse or a bliss, and depends

On circumstances; but in every overwhelming breath

My sensitivity is My Inner Strength!

-Surya Ramachandran

Dedicated to all those sensitive hearts who have often been stereotyped as being ‘weak’, ‘fragile’  and ‘incapable of facing the world’.

Featured image:  SADNESS by RANT 73

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