The little girl seated on a blue swing

Watched, with her moist eyes keen,

The kids run and jump around

Playing tag, laughing along

Girls ย giggled at the merry-go-round

And the boys played with a soccer ball

Some went around and pushed to the ground

A friend, who got back to fight the fraud

The laughter, so merry, of kids soiled

Filled her heart with a lonely void

As she watched a child seated in a swing beside

Being pushed by a friend with lovely delight,

Pearls of tears rolled down her cheeks, once dry

And she looked up at the moon in the dusky sky

How she wished it would come down to her,

And push the blue swing, like friends they were!

But she knew that won’t happen ever

And decided to stop waiting for someone to cheer

Her up, or push her nice blue swing

So, she pushed herself into the air that’d cling.

-Surya Ramachandran

Most times, we have to come out of our shells to ‘fit’ in to the world play and to laugh our hearts out with others.

For many, this can be an easy task after a starting trouble.

But for some, it can be extremely difficult.

“Will they accept me?”

“Will they feel disturbed?”

“Won’t they consider me a nuisance?”

These are the questions that torment them..At such times, they desperately want someone out there to invite them, to smile at them and say “It’s OK! Come, let’s laugh and play”.

But then, there are times when such an invitation is never received. Times when you cannot find a friend to laugh and play with..Times when you feel like you are wearing an invisibility cloak that has been stitched to your skin..

It is at those times that we must realize that we are not alone. That we must learn to love ourselves and find joy in our self, conquering our fears and lonely tears..

Sometimes, we must push our swings ourselves to move forward. We cannot depend on someone else always.

Happiness comes from within.

I dedicate this post to a good friend of mine who,ย  after reading this poem’s draft,chided me lovingly saying, “The girl should go and play with others..Don’t be like this!”..

I knew she would say that..And it kinda made me happy.



The featured image from public domain :

Waiting for summerย byย Milla Rice