The Prism of Humanity

The spectrum of white light splits into its seven constituent colors when passed through a prism.

This is a basic physics phenomenon that we studied under the name, ‘dispersion’. Like almost everything in nature, the prism and the white light have a valuable lesson to teach us.

Humanity is diverse. We have an extraordinary spectrum of diversity and versatility- ethnically, socially, economically, biologically (or genetically), religiously,linguistically, and in several other -‘lly’ s.. When all these diverse ‘colors’ of human ideologies and communities merge together with universal love and acceptance, we get the ‘white’ light that symbolizes peace and prosperity. But the diverse human cultures shall retain their identity, because the white light can show its constituent chromes on passing through a prism. There is no identity loss  in universal acceptance. We all agree to the fact that we are Homo sapiens sapiens and appear as one, while simultaneously identifying ourselves with a particular color of the spectrum.

This is the doctrine of ‘The Prism of Humanity’, which simply states :

Unity in diversity. We are one split into many, and merged to one by love & humanity.



P.S : ‘The Prism of Humanity’ is a term coined by yours truly. It is not an authorized terminology. So kindly forgive this amateur if this sounds like a non-sense.😅


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17 thoughts on “The Prism of Humanity

  1. well thought and written, braavvooo…. 👏👏
    but as the shastras say, the main problem is “differentiation or duality”. If a person is indifferent then that person is in harmony and unity within himself. Until and unless that differentiating idea doesn’t leave the mind, there can be no unity through love and humanity. right? 🤔
    I hope and pray for it and keep cheering and smiling. hehehe.. 😄😁😊

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    1. Arigato, Varun-kun…yes, you are right about what the shastras say…As long as the seed of differentiation lies within our mind, we shall not have complete unity through love and humanity.
      Nevertheless, let’s continue to do our best to get rid of that seed of duality, and let’s learn to embrace all.😃

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  2. This terminology is fantastic! The Prism of Humanity. It fits perfectly in the context. This ideal thought is unfortunately not shared by all. People don’t realize that they are a part of the spectrum. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all knew that we too fit somewhere in this world? A great food for thought, Surya-chan! Loved it.

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