I hide my feelings behind a veil

Smiling with eyes that’s nearing to tear

Up, like a dam awaiting to be opened,

When in a quiet room, left all alone

With a pen and paper to jot down,

Giving names and forms to the chaotic thoughts

That plunder this heart to inexplicable loss,

I try to unravel them, one by one

Realizing peace in the long run.

-©Surya Ramachandran

Heal oneself through words.

I actually wrote this poem two days before  and I was supposed to post it yesterday, but decided to do it later. Originally, the poem was titled ‘Untangle’. Coincidentally , today’s daily prompt ‘Unravel‘ is a synonym for the original title, so I just changed the title and decided to post it today.

I hope you liked it.



Featured image  from Public Domain :

Orange notebook with lined paper, pen and cup of coffee on the wooden background.

by Lia


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