I don’t want accolades

Or words of honor and praise

What I want are people whose hearts pound

When, one day, I fail to come around;

People whose lives I could lovingly touch

The ones who would surely miss me much

If I were to disappear without a trace

From their lives, to an unknown, endless space.

I don’t want a memorial,with gems of rich color,

I want a cozy hut in the hearts of the poor

Where I’m loved and remembered for who I’m,

And cherished dearly over the flying time.

I wonder who all would certainly miss

My smile and my voice, or touches and kiss

I wonder how many would genuinely cry

When I say my final,timely goodbye.

– Surya Ramachandran

No, this is not a suicide note (the word ‘timely’ is there for a reason).. Just a deep thought that often prick my soul. As much as I want to be detached and untouched by the outside world, there is a part in me that genuinely wishes to be dear to people..I wish to make a difference, however tiny it may be, in the lives of those around and beyond. My greatest fear is being just an existence in this world. Many a times, I wonder who would really miss me if I’m not around, and who would actually feel like they’ve lost someone dear, if I’m gone. I must say that I (pessimistically) think that only a few would actually feel that way…Of all the people who know me personally, just a few might miss me for eternity…

I hope that one day, I could truly touch the lives of a few out there..The lives of those to whom I’m, otherwise, a complete stranger. That would make my final breath liberating, peaceful and blessed.




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