A Solemn Wish

I don’t want accolades

Or words of honor and praise

What I want are people whose hearts pound

When, one day, I fail to come around;

People whose lives I could lovingly touch

The ones who would surely miss me much

If I were to disappear without a trace

From their lives, to an unknown, endless space.

I don’t want a memorial,with gems of rich color,

I want a cozy hut in the hearts of the poor

Where I’m loved and remembered for who I’m,

And cherished dearly over the flying time.

I wonder who all would certainly miss

My smile and my voice, or touches and kiss

I wonder how many would genuinely cry

When I say my final,timely goodbye.

– ©Surya Ramachandran

No, this is not a suicide note (the word ‘timely’ is there for a reason).. Just a deep thought that often prick my soul. As much as I want to be detached and untouched by the outside world, there is a part in me that genuinely wishes to be dear to people..I wish to make a difference, however tiny it may be, in the lives of those around and beyond. My greatest fear is being just an existence in this world. Many a times, I wonder who would really miss me if I’m not around, and who would actually feel like they’ve lost someone dear, if I’m gone. I must say that I (pessimistically) think that only a few would actually feel that way…Of all the people who know me personally, just a few might miss me for eternity…

I hope that one day, I could truly touch the lives of a few out there..The lives of those to whom I’m, otherwise, a complete stranger. That would make my final breath liberating, peaceful and blessed.




Featured image from Pinterest . The image does not belong to me.


29 thoughts on “A Solemn Wish

  1. Love the honesty of this piece. So many are afraid, of that one eventuality that we seldom write about it. I have to confess that I too have often wondered as to who would really miss my presence when it no longer exists!

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  2. I believe it is impossible to just exist , (except maybe a neutrino) . You do influence people , always. In a great way, I would say.
    Detachment to one’s acts, results in transcendental influence on others because, the act is solely for them and not for the doer. In a way, you would be terribly missed but the difference is you wouldn’t miss this life.. ( Neither hate nor love )
    P.S. : Mail

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    1. Loved the neutrino part..Oh yes, can’t exist like neutrinos unless we live apart from the human society…Then again, we all are interconnected by the grand cosmic web woven by the Ultimate Consciousness..
      I agree with your point.


  3. The best thing about the poem, other than the thought it housed, was how it’s rhyming words weren’t the typical forced rhymes, you know? Like best, rest. The cliché kinds. I love rhyming poems, and you expressed your sentiments wonderfully without making the rhymes seem out of place or forced. Kudos man.

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    1. Thank you…I love rhyming and lyrical poems too..I’m lucky that my thoughts sometimes flow lyrically, making it seem natural..Glad to know that you liked the poem.
      By the way, the kudos part makes me wonder if you too have mistaken me for a boy, thanks to my masculine name😅.

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      1. 🙂 you are most welcome.. We each do what we can.. Knowing our thoughts are the key to altering the way the world is.. Is the first hurdle.. And you it seems have jumped over that with flying colours xx

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