Toxic Ecstasy

I dedicate this post to all my fellow humans who have fallen victim to drug abuse. I want you to know that your every ecstatic moment is a moment of despair to humanity…and to your pure, true self. This poem took its birth from my heartfelt pain, as I see many beautiful beings turning beasts due to substance abuse.


My heart aches

Every time I see you partake

In false, temporal ecstasy

From the slow toxins, from self-pity,

 Unaware of the dark destiny

That awaits, as you escape reality…

Counting down to your final breath

That comes closer with every intake

Of the silent killer, lost and tempted,

Drowning yourself, will abandoned,

Wisdom blinded by venomous cloud

Your true, virtuous self in shroud

Alas! My heart aches

As I see you turn a savage

The senses lost to toxic shots,

Slaying your body that was your privilege.

-©Surya Ramachandran

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If you think that this message is worth spreading, kindly share via social media. Let’s appeal to our lost brothers and sisters, to our fellow human friends. Let’s help them be their true, best selves again.

I do not know if these words would ever strike the wounded conscience of our addicted friends. But I have hope in humanity. And I have hope in the silent inner voices that desperately need loudspeakers.




13 thoughts on “Toxic Ecstasy

  1. I agree that love , self love, is important. The person, the addict , has lost the love of themselves. I believe that people recover from addiction when they decide to make the choice to value their life and to recover. No one else can do it for them. Your poem reflects the sadness and the loss of seeing someone loosing life to addiction.

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  2. The price of the temporal ecstasy is known after the very first indulgence. Unfortunately the mind is already in so much turmoil that the will never gets a say. It’s a circle. When the victim has very little control on his/her mind what to say about people around him/her.

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