I wonder what it’s likeย 

To live under the glittering sunshine,

For I live in the dark underground

With dirt and pebbles all around.

I wonder what it’s like

To sway in the rejuvenating breeze

Like my family upstairs do

Immersing in the morning dew.

I wonder what it’s like

To be patted by the evening drizzle

That makes its way down here,

Rarely these days, I fear.

I wonder what it’s like

To be visited by ‘bees’ and ‘butterflies’

Are they friendly like Mr. Earthwormy

Or minuscule like the microbes on me?

I wonder what people would say

When they see me, with body all hairy..

Will they call me a ‘beauty’

Or remark that I look ‘tasty’?

I wonder how it would be

To live on the other side of the crust

But I can’t try to shoot and thrust

As gravity tugs me into dirt and dust.

Maybe I should stop wondering

And be content with my surrounding,

Digging deep and sucking the preciousย 

To make my family’s dinner delicious.

Surya Ramachandran

Daily Prompt :ย Roots