An appeal to my ‘Imagination’

Listen to me now, keenly, For I want you to know how madly I've fallen for your charm, entrapped, For you are a celestial gift, my superpower And you are the devil's spell, my kryptonite.. The fuel that drives me all along As well as the friction that slows me down.. I know you've given …

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Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #6 : Father’s Day Special – Heroes

Today is Father's Day here in India..This post is my little gift to my dear Acha (that's how we call father in my native tongue, malayalam), who is my source of strength, support and safety. Acha..I know I'm a very rebellious daughter who gives you a hard time with her occasional, spoiled attitude...But I'm very …

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While turning a new leaf – A prayer

We all experience it..the fear, the uncertainty, and the tense anticipation that accompany any new change in life..A myriad of emotions paint our hearts and our minds whenever a new leaf is turned. Perhaps, it's good to remind ourselves during those moments that change is the law of nature. It is during such periods of …

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