While turning a new leaf – A prayer

We all experience it..the fear, the uncertainty, and the tense anticipation that accompany any new change in life..A myriad of emotions paint our hearts and our minds whenever a new leaf is turned. Perhaps, it’s good to remind ourselves during those moments that change is the law of nature. It is during such periods of uncertainty that we must face our fears with hope and faith in the Lord.

I’m undergoing one such period right now, and I felt like penning down the following prayer that was born out of my fear for the uncertain. I hope that this becomes a prayer that soothes your tensed mind as well.

Prayer - New Leaf.jpg





12 thoughts on “While turning a new leaf – A prayer

  1. The only thing that is constant – change.
    Change is Time, Change is Natural, Change is Life.

    You are at peace always because that is your true nature irrespective of what your mind says.. May this awareness never be veiled.. the Lord is undoubtedly with you always..

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