To my little brother…

My dearest little (not little anymore😢😌) Sayu,


Fourteen years ago, in that much-awaited morning

I wrapped my then small, soft palm

Around your tender, tiny fingers

Not ever wanting to let go

Of the joy I felt like never before

As I watched your sleeping face,new

Faintly aware of the touch of someone

Precious but still unknown;

Child as I was, I stood enraptured,

Filled with inexplicable wonder

While I admired your delicate features,

Innocent and untainted by this gruesome world.

Today, during those rare evening walks

Or while crossing the road amid the busy traffic

My now full-grown, womanly fingers

Find protection and solace in your palm

That has outgrown mine, on its transition

From boyish softness to manly roughness;

Until a few years ago, I had patted your head

That rested serenely on my bosom

Now,for my habitual naps during long drives,

You pat mine slowly,cautious not to ruffle my hair,

Each stroke filled with love and care

As I rest my head delightfully on your chest.

I wonder when you started to grow so tall..

While puberty is doing its duty well,

I miss that little boy whom I could easily lift;

But I know that I love the ‘you’ now too

Who is towering as days go by

Even so, no matter how old you grow

You would always be my little baby boy

Who had entered my small world to light up my life.

Even today,as I kiss your forehead affectionately

I can still get the faint aroma of the tiny one

Who was lying next to my, nay ,our mother,

(Which had been originally my space)

On that much anticipated,memorable day.

I love you, my boy, more than I could ever express

All my words, rebukes, cuddles and kisses

Are my ways to let you know how much you matter

In my now enlarging world.

As seasons come and go, and as trees grow leaves anew

I hope that you turn into a fine gentleman

Of virtues, words, wisdom and worth

So that not just I shall find delight in your presence,

May the whole world too find its light in your essence.


With Love,

Your dear big sister, Surya.🤗😊

Last Saturday (3/6/17), my cute little brother, Sayooj, turned 14…yeah, that age when every kid starts questioning and stating every single thing with the air of a ‘know-it-all-better-than-you’ scholar. I always wanted to do something special for his birthday, just like any doting sister. We don’t have a tradition of buying birthday gifts in my family, but we do celebrate together in our own ways. Since this was his first birthday after this blog was born, I wanted to dedicate a post for him as birthday special. Because of time constraint on 3rd, I couldn’t write the special post then. I thought that this weekend would be suitable, especially since yesterday’s daily prompt (Tender) reminded me of the first time we met…




45 thoughts on “To my little brother…

    1. Sorry for the late reply…couldn’t come to WP for a while. Thank you so much..Wow..that means your lovely daughter’s birthday too was on June 3rd, right? I know it’s too late, but better late than never..So, Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your dear daughter..!

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    1. Thank you…Yes, I feel so too..My brother is seven years younger to me. I was seven when he was born..Back then, I was engrossed in my own little world, and for the first few years, I’m afraid I wasn’t a responsible, doting sister…But as years went by, and I entered adolescence, I suppose the motherly instincts in me was awakened..My mother often says that sometimes I treat him like a little baby, giving the affection I should have given when he was one..😅

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