Quote _paint

I always feel that we must listen to our inner voice above everything else…In fact, I’m a stern believer of creating own destiny, although, ironically, I do believe in predetermined fate to an extend. I must also state that because I’m inclined to the idea of reincarnation, I fancy the concept that it is our own karma that determines or determined our future.

Many of us, for some reason or the other, let others decide our paths. For many of us who have independent visions, it might be a torture to do so. I consider the freedom to be true to ourselves as a divine blessing. So far, I’m grateful to my parents for having put their faith in me and granting me that freedom to paint my path myself.

Meanwhile, I would like to know your own thoughts on the above quote. Are you one of the rebels who chose to create own path? If so, have you been lucky enough to find people who support you?