I know a drink that tastes bitter

But, on sinking into the body, becomes a nectar

Some call it a pain, others call it a ‘price’

I call it ‘the elixir named Sacrifice’.

The drink that’d rejuvenate my life,

Rescuing me from being a mere existence

Who’d get lost in the sands of time.

But to devour, nay, gulp it down

One needs tremendous courage and will,

The courage to bid goodbye to colorful spring

And walk down the frozen path that winter brings..

Many a time, I had lost the will needed,

Reluctant to face the cold that lay ahead;

And many a time, I’ve lost more than just my will

Due to the reluctance to pay the necessary bill..

I wish to lose no more than the warmth I’ve right now,

I’m ready to walk through the lonely, frozen road

And get fevers,shivers, frostbites and more

If, at the end of the bitter journey

That the elixir I gulp takes down my body,

I can taste the inexplicable ecstasy

Of transforming my life into a legacy.

-Surya Ramachandran

This poem is my reflection on the idea of sacrifice..On the concept of ‘No pain, no gain’. Somewhere, sometime, I began losing my will to sacrifice. Life has taught me since then that I’ve no right to dream about creating my own legacy, unless I make the bitter choice of sacrificing my own comfort and momentary happiness.

One day, nay, today, I shall recover my will to sacrifice, again..