The Proposal

Disclaimer: This is not a real proposal. This work is purely fictional, a piece of my imagination. (I don’t want my parents, my friends, or my dear relatives to freak out when they read this, hence the disclaimer) .

This poem would be my ideal my ideal guy would propose to me. Or even better, how I would propose to myself (or to another girl), if I were a guy..

I know it probably doesn’t make sense to many. You may assume I’m crazy..

Long story short, no worries…My heart is still safe with me..😉




I won’t say I’ll love you always

For when I’m mad at you, I’ll hate you anyways

But after every fight we have in the day,

I’ll cuddle you to sleep, and sweet words I’ll say..


I won’t say I’ll pet you always

For when you do wrong, I’ll rebuke you anyways

But after every time you amend your mistake,

I’ll bring home your favorite cake..


I won’t say I’m perfect always

For I’m a human with emotions anyways

But every now and then, I’ll strive to be my best

So that you can smile and put your worries to rest.


I won’t claim to know your heartbeat

Better than a good ECG machine

But, I’ll always listen intently

For those frantic beats, when you’re not at ease.



I won’t say I need you, dear

For even without you here, I’ve lived for years

But, your presence puts to promising sleep

That nagging void that makes my soul weep.


If I’m the lotus that lives in the mud

You’re the Sun whose shine flood

My inner world, urging me to find

My essence, to be one of a kind.


Allow me too to be your light,

To guide you with my foresight.

Let me have a place in your heart

And let me share your inner art.


In the darkness of a melancholic night

I shall be there to hold you tight..

To whisper the words you wish to hear

So that you know you’ll be fine when I’m near.


Girl, I know you don’t need a man

To follow you around, or for you to stan

But, you would want a gentleman

As your partner in crime in your master plan.


Walking through an unworn road might be lonely

So, honor me with the right to keep you company,

The storms and struggles, we shall face boldly

Together, let’s make a meaningful journey.

-©Surya Ramachandran








10 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Wow!!!…that was a really beautiful proposal.
    Loved so many line 🙂

    Your disclaimer…I know what you mean. People who know me, do freak out when they read the stuff I write, they just can’t accept it that I am making up stuff (or am I? ) 🙂

    Nice poem dear. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arigato, Nayana!! I’m really glad to hear that you loved it.
      Yeah…many a times, I’m afraid to pen down what my imagination says..Mostly because even the ones who know me well could confuse them to be real..
      All I want the world to know is that a writer has the license to create a world of her own..In fact, it is her birthright.

      Liked by 1 person

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