Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #8 : Life

During one of those recurring existential contemplation, I jotted down the following quotes in my notebook.. I thought I’d share them with you today. The first and the second are two quotes with the same meaning. The third and the fourth are slightly different.

I’ll be happy to know which one you liked the most out of these. And kindly share your thoughts on life too..



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6 thoughts on “Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #8 : Life

  1. Thank you for those Quotes Surya.. Like the roses one.. For what would life be without the fragrance and beauty to behold.. and would we appreciate that beauty and peace if we had not experienced the thorns in life.. We can not know one without the other..

    Wishing you a Peaceful weekend

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  2. Life as the oscillation of a pendulum.. The smart part is it is so satisfying to read for most..
    The lazy heads
    The ones who really love to stick to a routine
    The ones who disturbed the equilibrium in search of a purpose and finally found that equilibrium is the purpose.
    Even to few of those who want the oscillation to cease..

    Thank you for that one and the others too..

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