Quatrain #1

There are times when I sum up my feelings, thoughts and ideas in just four lines..I thought I’d share them with you through a new section titled ‘Quatrain’. A quatrain is a four line stanza, or a complete poem, that usually follows a rhyme scheme. This would be my first post in this category. 




21 thoughts on “Quatrain #1

  1. Seeing a quatrain for the first time.
    Thank you for making it so glorious.
    One question though ,
    does the furnace liven the maiden and hence the world needs to remain befooled forever or
    does it need regulation because it could be burning the maiden inside.. ?

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    1. Thank you too..
      Here, the furnace represents the inner turbulence that drives the maiden to be a better person..It represents her restlessness and discontent with her current self. In a way, it acts as a driving force. But it could also mean the chaos of her thoughts and the complexity of her feelings that sometimes grill and tear her apart.
      Essentially, the quatrain talks about those people who hide their inner storms with a smile..Most often, we think that people who smile a lot are carefree…not realizing that they could be burning inside, with a passion and determination that are both uplifting and, if unregulated, tiring at the same time.


      1. That makes sense..
        So the furnace is like a non-ideal engine. It is what drives the maiden towards betterment but that is not the only thing it does.. for it cannot have 100% efficiency.. but then, it is the maiden’s mind where the furnace burns I presume.. and hence the furnace could be an ideal engine.. only if the maiden wished it..
        Thank you..

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