3 Romantic MVs you would want to watch

Romantic love is a tender human emotion that all of us cherish deep within our soul, whether we’ve actually been in love or not. It never comes alone, but is always accompanied by happiness, jealousy, angst or despair…Perhaps that’s why romantic melodies have a special place in our hearts.

Here, I recommend 3 romantic MVs that I believe you might want to check out…more so because they are popular among certain niches only, and chances are that you might not have watched them yet. They are not mainstream English/American music videos, but that shouldn’t restrict you from watching them :

Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon

Language : Hindi

This is a single from T-series, featuring Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta, that narrates a heart-breaking love story..This could very well be THE anthem for all those who’ve been friend-zoned..The beautiful melody was composed by Amaal Mallik, penned by Rashmi Virag, and sung enchantingly by Armaan Malik..(in fact, it was this song that introduced Armaan to me). The official video, unfortunately, has no subtitles. Therefore, please watch this lyrical video to know the english translation of lyrics (given in closed captions), in case you don’t know Hindi. But, the official music video is something you wouldn’t want to miss..

Disclaimer : Copyrights belong to T-Series. I don’t own any.



Language : Tamil

This is a tamil musical dance video from Gomtesh Upadhye, ‘celebrating dance and love’ (as stated by the producer). Featuring Shreya Deshpande and Niranjan Harish, the video is a treat to dance lovers, with an absolutely stunning  choreography by Vishwakiran Nambi. The lovely melody was crafted by Phani Kalyan, penned by Arivu, and sung by Yazin Nizar and Sharanya Srinivas. Here too, there are no subtitles, but the dance and music make up for the ignorance of the lovely lyrics (though knowing the meaning would add to the overall beauty).

Disclaimer : Copyrights belong to Gomtesh Upadhye. I don’t own any.



Language : Korean (with some beautiful english lines here and there)

Ok…I’ll be frank. I desperately wanted to share this MV with you all. As an ARMY (BTS fan), this music video has a special place in my heart. Chances are that you might have heard of the Billboard winner k-pop septet BTS, especially since they are taking the world, including India, by storm. This MV is the comeback trailer, ‘Serendipity’, for their latest album ‘Love Yourself :Her’ that is scheduled to be released on 18th September. The video features one of the BTS members, Jimin, in highly aesthetically pleasing settings that show an intertwined play between light and dark. The song was penned by the leader Rapmonster, with both the vocals and chorus sung by Jimin. This MV is one of my personal favorites because it has some truly mesmerizing frames starring the starry skies, with Jimin’s natural charisma overflowing. The video, just released on 5th Sept. (KST),  has already earned 11+ million views on YouTube (as I write this post), and #serendipity is currently trending on twitter.

Don’t forget to watch the MV with closed captions. And, I strongly recommend watching this in the dark..

Disclaimer : Copyrights belong to BigHit Entertainment. I don’t own any.


Many people are averse to listening to songs written in unfamiliar languages. Sure, not knowing the lyrics can greatly dampen the impact of these songs, as the meanings may not be properly conveyed. And translations often do poor job at conveying the actual beauty of the lyrics. Even so, it might not be a bad idea to try listening to songs of other languages. After all, music has no language and is universal..


I hope you liked this post…and the music videos. I might write more recommendations in the future..So stay tuned for more!

Also, I’ve started a new page in my blog. The page, ‘Scrapbook‘, is exactly what it says – a place where I’ll paste pictures, photographs, clippings and memes I’d want to share with you. So, don’t forget to check it out when you have time!







13 thoughts on “3 Romantic MVs you would want to watch

  1. Wow! Just saw Jimin the pics at the top of the post, and how happy I became. 🙂 You know how it is like, no matter how much we see them and their mv’s, we can never get enough 🙂

    Love Serendipity so much 🙂
    Waiting for their title track, which of course is going to be epic.

    I have not heard “neeye” song. Will definitely give it a listen 🙂

    I agree with you even if translations are not the real thing, but we still can feel the emotions through the music and their beautiful voices. And a barrier of language should not stop us from appreciate art. 🙂


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