Quatrain #2




Something I penned down sometime back, when I was going through a tough time..

It’s been a long time…How are you all? I’m terribly sorry for being inconsistent in my posting. 😞I hope I’m not forgotten yet…😅

That aside, please check out my Scrapbook page for a new photo update!!

Happy Blogging!





8 thoughts on “Quatrain #2

    1. Thank you, Sir..You are right..I often write when I’m inspired, and that has probably contributed to my inconsistency. But my demanding academic schedule is also to blame, since I often fail to devote my time for posting the poems I write in my notebook.

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  1. The principle of Cause and Effect.. The effect is the future but the cause is the present.. and the physics of this nature ’causes’ us to focus on the present to cause a future..
    All I can do is appreciate and thank you for this one.. I do not want either of them to be limited by any given word..

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