Just an Introspection…

I miss those cloudy dark days,

And those messy, noisy nights,

When I used to hide under the warm blanket

In hopeless venture to comfort my cold self;

To dry myself off the downpour, the thunderstorm

Having drenched my head, heart and soul..

Perhaps for something, but mostly absolutely for nothing…

Those moments when I had thought

That happiness was such a distant jackpot,

But when I finally did win the lot,

Staying in cloud nine, all day long,

Amidst smiles, laughter, and warm love,

Why do I still feel lonely and lost,

As I keep reminiscing those days

When it rained the most?

Ah! I now know what I’ve been missing!

Those lonely days when the sky was gray

And the cold nights when I couldn’t see the light

Now, I painfully realize

That loneliness and melancholy were my dreaded knights

Who pushed me to the rabbit hole of self-reflection,

Thus sailing my ship on the ocean of creation.

-©Surya Ramachandran


Bitterness makes happiness sweeter

I’m grateful for all the happiness and love I’m receiving these days…Like every human being, I hope for good days ahead. But ironically, I also miss those melancholic moments which were so precious in connecting to my inner self, and which provided creative inspiration. Stupid it may sound, but I purposely allowed myself to get ‘depressed about not getting depressed’, and the result was this poem. Those times that I spent on introspection made me realize that the sweetness of happiness can never be appreciated fully without tasting occasional bitterness in life.

I’ll be really glad if you could suggest a good title for this poem. I’m at complete loss as to what to name this piece of self-reflection.😅



Featured image from : weheartit.com


10 thoughts on “Just an Introspection…

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  2. The ‘need’ to feel depressed is due to the lack of depression and that you seem to have quenched by the resultant depression.. Wonderful to read and ponder over. As for the writer herself it is something else altogether.. I see a revelation .. that implies that the ‘venture’ has not yet fulfilled its true purpose.. you may need to go on.. going on itself could be the true purpose.

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