New Year Greetings

It is almost a week into 2018. I might be the latest one here on wordpress to post a New Year blog. But ‘better late than never’, right? So, here I’m with my heartfelt greetings and prayers for the new year.


Oh Lord! The Love & Light of my life..Please give us strength to hold on to our hope even when the waves mercilessly rock the boat, and kindly lend us the inner compass to navigate our way across this ocean to reach thee..

I hope that 2018 becomes that chapter in our lives when we grow the most, individually and collectively. May us eventually find happiness even in the most unexpected situations, godliness even in the smallest things, and cleanliness even in the remotest of our subconscious.

I pray that we can sweep away any unpleasantness that 2017 has left in our memories.

By the end of this year, I hope we all can take a tiny baby step towards realizing the absolute consciousness that encompasses all.

2017, in several ways, was kind of a turning point in my life, personally and academically. Other than a few unpleasant memories, last year was a truly memorable one. It was a continuation of my  journey of self-discovery (which still continues). Today, when I look back at 2017, I have to thank the Lord for all the happiness, love and light I had received.

I would like to share one key thought that crossed my mind while watching a kitten cautiously waiting to prance on a couple of birds :

In every kitten, there is a tiger.

May 2018 be that year when we become closer to becoming the tigers we are destined to be.

Belated Happy New Year to all!




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