A poem to myself

The long black tresses teasing your visage,

The eyes having a million stories to narrate,

The long nose claiming to rule your face,

The dark ‘sun spots’ spread across the surface,

And the Mona Lisa smile hovering over your chin

Hiding many a feelings and thoughts within,

I love them all; more than anyone has ever did or will

Yet, I hate them too; for, at times, they put to still

My peace, as I try to decipher the loneliness

That hides behind those dark tresses,

Or the wishes and pains left untold

By the eyes that sometimes fight to hold

Back the salty pearls about to soak the marks

That have become your embarrassing landmarks.

The you whom the mirror honestly reflects

Speaking volumes to me in utter silence

Is the one I wish to love and mold

To something dearer than what the oceans hold.

So allow me to wipe your moist cheeks

When you roll down from the mountain peaks

And allow me to be enchanted by your smile

When you cross hurdles and cover a mile

For, the you who also hurts me the most,

Is the one I need to love foremost.

-©Surya Ramachandran


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