Quatrain #3

My current state of thought..I wonder why there is so much competition for almost everything these days. I was pretty competitive (and still am, to some extend), always attempting to raise my bar.  But I’ve realized over the years that the moment you focus on someone else instead of yourself, is the moment you lose the sight of your goal and the joy of trying to reach it.

In the end, we all have different stories to pen down, and are protagonists of our own stories.

Who are the antagonists then?



Honestly, life is hectic. It is for almost everyone. I just want to live my life in my own pace.

Anyways, kindly excuse me for my prolonged absence. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts I wish to share with you…plenty of topics I want to talk about. But I’ll restrain myself and probably take another break from WP, so that I can focus on the upcoming exams and reviews (I know…most of you who have been generously following me would be used to this excuse already. Sadly, my university prioritizes exams over learning😭😑).

Meanwhile, I’ll try to reach as many of my blogger pals as I can.

Thank you for your constant support.




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