Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #11 : Justice


While penning this down, I had two thoughts :

  1. Originally, I wanted to title it as ‘She’, as the quote reflects what I wish to be..But on second thoughts, I decided ‘Justice’ would be better. I believe we all should live such a life, wherein we are dear to the virtuous, but also bold & alert enough to be the terror of the vicious.
  2. Is Lady Justice really blindfolded these days? The quote reflects what should be, and not necessarily what is. I wish I could say Justice is truly the terror of the wrong these days. But by claiming so, I’ll be creating an optimistic diversion from reality (which is exactly what I’m doing with this quote..idealism, and not necessarily realism). A corrupt judiciary can become dear to the wrong and a fear to the right.

In case anyone is wondering, no..I’m not planning to be a part of the Judicial System. But I believe as citizens and fellow humans, the execution of justice begins at our doorsteps, and within our households. When we blame the system, we are indirectly blaming our own collective social and moral consciousness. The change is to be brought from within, before without.




3 thoughts on “Quotes ‘n’ Thoughts #11 : Justice

  1. Excellently said Surya, we are all accountable, for we can easily all point fingers to blame, and meter out justice in our own ways, be it by holding anger, sulking, or not speaking or being vindictive to another.. Each of us in our own ways think we have ‘Just’ cause to be..

    We each stand judgemental of others be it how we look at someone who is dressed, or how a person lives.. We are all of us guilty..

    Justice is a deep subject if you really get into it.. We want justice to those who perpetrate acts of violence upon another , And Man, somewhere devices his own ideas of what that justice is, Be it a judge or a court of law.

    And as you rightly say, Justice in the wrong hands can indeed be a tool itself which is inflicting pain and suffering upon another,

    The Human within Mankind has a long long road in which he/she has yet to travel.. And we have all to look deep within and see just how each of us misjudge.
    We all need to look within.. And perhaps Mercy will somehow grab our hearts..

    Love and Blessings Surya, I and I loved your visit my friend xx ❤ Take care ❤

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