Hold on..

My dear one,

Please hold on

To that last drop of tear,

To that last ounce of hope,

To the last word of prayer,

To the last song in your playlist

Now on loop, as you wish

For the moments to pass

Before the sun rises

Again to shed light,

Driving away the darkness.


Dear one, please hold on..

Do not let the burn from the stove

Ruin the happiness and will

That none who speaks ill

Of you can ever let you have;

For, you are born to walk 

On the bed of blazing charcoal.


Dear one, please hold on

To your patience, from dusk to dawn

Trust Time and Truth to weave your story

To help you reach your full glory,

For so long you have the aid of Truth,

You will eventually tide over this transient ruth.


-©Surya Ramachandran


Ruth is an archaic noun that means grief or distress.

The featured image is free (CC0) and is from Pixabay.




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