Whalien 52

Some songs touch your deepest core just because they are extremely relatable. ‘Whalien 52’ (by BTS) is one such song that resonates with me deeper than the ocean. I didn’t originally favour it due to the beat not being to my liking. But when I read its lyrics, especially during a time when I felt the loneliest and the most misunderstood, the song climbed high up in my ‘favourites’ chart.

‘Whalien 52’ is a title that summarizes the metaphor used in this song. The term is a combination of two words – ‘whale’ and ‘alien’. The song refers to an individual whale of unidentified species that calls out at a much higher frequency of 52 Hz, which is a very unusual frequency among whales. It has been detected in the Pacific ocean. However, scientists have not yet been able to identify its species. Its movement is similar to that of a blue whale, but timing similar to that of a fin whale. hence, it is speculated that it is either a healthy but malformed whale or a hybrid of blue whale and fin whale. Due to its unusual frequency, its whale call is hardly heard by other whales (blue whales communicate between 10 to 39 Hz while fin whales communicate at 20 Hz). Hence, it is called ‘the world’s loneliest whale’.

(You can read more about 52 Hz whale here.)

Now, why the word ‘alien’?  Most of us imagine extraterrestrial intelligence straight out of sci-fi movies or books whenever we hear this word. But ‘alien’ also means someone or something that is foreign, and is beyond the understanding and comprehension of the majority.

I think most of us have experienced being ‘whaliens’ at some point in our lives. The 52 Hz whale whose calls were never heard by his or her fellow beings. The ‘alien’ whose weirdness, craziness and perspectives couldn’t be comprehended by those around. Some of us constantly feel like ‘whalien 52′ trapped in a world that remain deaf to our cries. Many a times, our voices are not heard. Many a times, our words are misunderstood…our feelings and emotions get ignored. Even by the people of our own kind.

Those are the times when we feel the loneliest. But just because the world chose to be deaf to our cries, we don’t have to mute our opinions. Just as the song says, we must believe in the ’52 hertz’ call that we raise. For one day, it will definitely be heard.



If you know songs rendering a similar message, please share with us here.

Also, I’d like to share this little clip of pure joy…of three goofy pals having fun at Osaka. This video was shot and edited by Jungkook (the youngest or the ‘maknae’ of BTS ; ‘Golden Closet’ is his own studio) and features some of the members of the group, especially the second youngest ones – Jimin and Taehyung. The song featured in the background is ‘Your Side of The Bed‘ by Loote. It is a beautiful sad song with a catchy beat. Please check it out. (The song has nothing to do with the video, by the way.)


As always, thank you for reading. Stay blessed!

Featured image from pixabay (CC0 – free image).


15 thoughts on “Whalien 52

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  2. Lovely post dear 🙂
    I also love Whalien52. (But then I love almost all BTS songs, so that’s no news 🙂 ) It is something I can relate to.
    Some of the BTS songs doesn’t hit you that hard, until you know the lyrics. (That’s why trying to learn Korean is my lifelong project (what JK said about learning english in Bon Voyage)) There are some songs that I heard first but didn’t think much of, but then one fine day I suddenly realize it’s beauty, sometimes because of the lyrics, sometimes because of the state of my mind. One such recent BTS song for me would be “Love is not over”. I fall in love with their song every day.:)
    I really like the fact that they write such beautiful songs, that are so genuine.
    GCF in Osaka was so cute. Especially that cute little dance that Jimin and Tae keep repeating everywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the late response, Nayana…Thank you so much for commenting..😊
      Yeah, I get what you mean… I’m usually slow at assimilating slow songs..Certain bts songs didn’t click immediately. Spring Day was one such song…Can you believe it? I didn’t find that song particularly amazing until I read the lyrics.. That’s when Spring Day became one of my favorite songs..Another special thing about BTS is that you can appreciate their songs even more when you know their history & personal stories.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ria kashyap

    Actually this whalien song have a lot of meaning to me because of its beautiful lyrics…..❤️ And that to I really love BTS♥️ so it’s always a pleasure to read about their songs and the concept behind💛
    Great job Surya❤️ily😂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Actual Whale Song is beautiful to listen to.. I must be getting too long in the tooth, as I only could stand two minutes of Whalien 52, sorry to say.. But I agree we have all be aliens at one time or another and probably remain alien to many more.. 😀
    Have a great rest of your day Surya ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry, Sue… it’s not because you are getting old. The song is not of your taste, that’s all.. Despite being a young lady, my initial reaction was pretty similar..So I can understand.😁
      Atleast you pressed the play button. Most people wouldn’t even bother to listen to it. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post & watch the video.
      Have a great week, Sue!😊❤️


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