Dear Wailing Sky

Dear wailing sky,

You are not alone.

Shedding your precious pearls

Onto the dusty earth,

Seeping through the dry ground,

Soothing the heat around

Bringing forth the aroma of soil

That was, until now, set to boil,

Letting out your rage as thunder

Shooting bright arrows like a hunter

In contrast to the calm prelude

Comes your much needed interlude

Amid the long episodes of summer

Before spring arrives as our visitor.

Dear wailing sky,

You are not alone

For I watch you by the window side

Amused by thee running wild

Reflecting on my own inner storm

Thoughts taking a more vivid form

As you quiet down to whispers

And your tears get reduced from showers

To a drizzle, like a child after blubbering

Slowly pacifies, mellow weeping;

I listen to Singularity on repeat

Watching your now graceful retreat.

-©Surya Ramachandran


4 thoughts on “Dear Wailing Sky

  1. Hope you enjoyed the rain, and thank you for the great verbal illustration, for, I could see it happening.. The comparison of nature with a blubbering child was so endearing, that the raging sky, few phrases before, was quite forgotten…

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