Like a broken record, they say

I should stop this senseless play

And chase my goals, as if today

Is the last chance before Doomsday.


No, I haven’t forgotten at all

The dreams left to realize before final fall

But I choose to grow steady and tall,

Unlike a mad bull hitting the wall.


I’ve wailed &  often wiled away

Enough time, worried what the future’ll say

But I believe in my Lord to whom I pray,

I know that I’ll reach my goals one day.


So why must I hurry every second?

And why must I worry every moment?

Sometimes, it’s okay to take it slow

Trust God, and go with the flow.

– © Surya Ramachandran



6 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. A short but sharp jab at the racers
    … it holds great insights to the idea of devotion to the Lord. So happy to see someone arrive so wonderfully at this simple conclusion, live at your own pace and take things as they come.. for everything is scheduled, even the unsceduled one’s…

    Liked by 1 person

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