To my dear father

Dear Acha,

Thank you for being my super hero

Who lifts me up from ground zero.

Thank you for being the  leading light

That shines on my mind and insight.

Thank you for setting my standard high

So that I won’t settle for an ordinary guy.

Thank you for leading an exemplary life

Of love and care for your mom, kids and wife.

Thank you for urging me to trust God

On this uncertain path on which I plod.

Thank you for nurturing this brat

With patience that I severely lack

Sorry for all the tantrums I start

Without considering your part.

Sorry for having let you down

At times when I should have made you proud.

But I promise, that I’ll try my best

To work hard as much as I rest,

And I promise, I’ll climb the hill

Holding onto values, faith and will;

So that one day, I could help you bear

Your burdens; your responsibilities I’ll share,

So that one day, you’ll certainly be proud

Of your little Princess with merits you’ve endowed.

With Love,

Your still-very-rebellious daughter😘







6 thoughts on “To my dear father

    1. Sorry for the late response, Ignotus. Thank you so much for commenting. Unfortunately, I’m quite ignorant in Greek & Roman mythologies. I wish I had the knowledge required to understand the comparison.


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