Life Lessons : page 1

I’ve been thinking of starting this category for some time. I have a habit of spending several evenings, usually when it rains, contemplating on the lessons life has attempted to impart onto me during my 22 year-old journey. Yes…I’m just 22 and can in no way claim to have the wisdom that comes from age. But I’ve always believed that it isn’t age but rather insight that is the most necessary ingredient to wisdom.

Hence, I shall proceed to share whatever little lessons I was able to grasp from the master mind that Life is, in this section titled ‘Life Lessons’. My dear readers may or may not agree with my opinions/perceptions. But I hope that some of the pages I share from the book of my life can throw some light of hope and happiness to the darkest corners of your minds.

Page 1.

I used to be very conscious of what people think of me and how others ‘judge’ me. The worry stemmed from my inherent social anxiety and used to fuel it further. I’ve been judged many a times. For my social awkwardness, for my ‘silly’ and ‘serious’ obsessions, for my passions, for my idealistic ambitions, and for my overwhelming emotions. But at a point in the sometimes wavering line of my life, I realized that people would ‘choose’ to see that side of the multi-faceted me depending on their own mentalities. Just as some remembers Sri Ram for having abandoned Sita Devi while others celebrate him for having saved her from the hell that was Ashokavana. Since then, I’ve learnt to slowly ignore the ridicules, appreciate the acceptance, and be grateful for the respect I receive from those around me. I’m slowly but surely embracing my qualities and quirks, ups and downs, smiles and tears, sensitivities and strengths. We often become happier when we learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are. Find that happiness…because you deserve it.


Surya 😊


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons : page 1

  1. ‘people would ‘choose’ to see that side of the multi-faceted me depending on their own mentalities’ .. absolutely .. This statement when applied to oneself, reveals this.. the judgements made by one about other, reveal more about the judger than the judged..
    Once again so happy to see that conclusion.. Thank You

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    1. Sure..we can, and should apply it to ourselves too..While writing this post , I had thought about myself as well. I’m an ordinary human who have made and is still making the mistake of unconsciously judging others’ actions. But I’m glad I’m being more aware of it, prompting me to adopt more positive perceptions.


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